Black Powder Cannons

Peaceful Valley Arms is a family-owned and operated business in Marion Center, PA.

We manufacture and sell Black Powder Cannons. Our cannons are crafted from Ash. Our barrels are made from solid steel.

Our Business is Booming!!


Question: Will My cannon Shoot a golf ball?

Answer: Peaceful Valley Arms manufactures “GOLF BALL BORE” and other sized bore SIGNAL CANNONS ONLY. If you decide you would like to launch a projectile from your cannon, we will not be responsible in any way for the cannon or the damages or injury you may cause.


Question: How do I measure my powder?

Answer: We provide a handmade wooden powder measure that is specifically designed to hold the recommended amount of powder for your cannon.


Question: What powder do I use?

Answer: USE BLACK POWDER ONLY! DO NOT USE SMOKELESS POWDER EVER! Black powder or black powder substitute powders are the only powders you should insert in your signal cannon. We highly recommend GOEX or KIK. These two will give your the pressures and the smoke you will wish to see your cannon produce.


Question: Where can I find Powder?

Answer: Some gun shops will carry Black Powder, such as GOEX or KIK on their shelf. You can expect to pay 20.00 to 28.00 dollars per pound. Another option is to visit This is very highly recommended site for obtaining GOEX, KIK and even 3mm safety fuse.


Question: What grade of black powder should I use?

Answer: Black powder is sold in 5 different grades. Cannon, 1F, 2FF, 3FFF, and 4FFFF. You should not use 3 or 4 F powders as the pressures are a little higher on these grades. 2FF works very well and the pressures stay low.


Question: How do I load my cannon?

Answer: Every cannon we sell has printed instructions on cannon loading and firing and maintenance. You will be supplied with a ram rod and swab as well as every cannon is shipped with one.


Question: Can I pick my cannon up at your location instead of shipping it?

Answer: YES! We encourage pick ups. Some customers have elected to save the shipping costs and make the drive to our shop. This also makes us happier as you will not have to assemble the unit when it arrives. We can also fire your cannon on our site and show you how it’s done.


Question: Can I store my cannon outside for display?

Answer: Some customers have displayed their cannons outside in their yard etc as a display cannon. If you so desire to do this please let us know as we will apply a light coat of linseed oil to the cannon after it’s stained. We do not offer clear coating to your painted cannon, if you have it painted. this is an option you will have to do yourself.


Question: Is the barrel blued?

Answer: NO, our barrels are painted at this time. In the future we will be offering Powder coated barrels. Currently all the small hardware is powder coated. Search our site for information on Cerakote as we do offer this at an extra charge. If you wish to blue your barrel on your own that is an option of yours, however your will have to buff the steel to get a nice finish.


Question: How do you ship?

Answer: We ship all of our cannons USPS Priority Mail. Field carriage cannons are shipped in 3 separate boxes. Naval Cannons are Shipped in a wooden crate. We provide you with tracking numbers when we print your labels.


Question: How fast do you ship?

Answer: Our cannons are produced as they are ordered. Being that we handcraft each cannon, and depending on the amount we have to produce, it may take up to 8 weeks before it is shipped. Sometimes as quick as 2 weeks. We do not mass produce anything. If you wish to have a cannon for a specific event or Holiday present, birthday present, etc. We suggest that you order well in advanced to ensure your present is produced and shipped in time.


Question: Can I make payments?

Answer: YES!, PVA offers an easy payment plan for as little as 230.00 down on a regular Field Carriage. Larger field carriage cannons require a different down payment. Please call us for the details on the order and make payment arrangements with our office. Once your cannon is paid off we will ship it to your door.


Question: How do I clean my cannon?

Answer: Your cannon will be shipped with Cannon Directions and Warnings and enclosed in that packet is some recommended cleaning instructions.


Question: Is there a minimum age requirement to purchase a cannon?

Answer: Yes. You must be 18 years or older to purchase a cannon from Peaceful Valley Arms.


Question: Do you offer replacement and/or extra parts?

Answer: Yes. We offer replacement parts and extra parts. Contact us for assistance.


Question: What payments do you accept?

Answer: You can make purchases by check, money orders and certified checks made payable to Randy W Keith.  Credit cards can be taken over the phone. Please call us with any questions at: 814-952-0204. Thank you.


Question: Do you offer International Shipping?

Answer: Yes. We now offer International Shipping in the United Kingdom and Canada. Please call us at: 814-952-0204 for an International shipping quote prior to placing your order.


Question: Can I cancel my order after is has been placed?

Answer: No you may not. Once your order is placed and your payment is made we take your funds and purchase the materials needed to produce the item. All items at PVA are handmade and take time to produce but we still have to buy materials for your item. We do not hold monies in accounts to gain interest or give refunds. This is a strict policy with us so pease be very sure you want to buy a cannon or other items from us before you place your order. WE do offer payments so if funds are an issue please ask about our payment plans.


WARNING: Loading and firing cannons is a highly dangerous activity and can likely result in death, dismemberment or a serious injury if caution is not observed. Structural integrity of the barrel, powder charge preparation, premature discharge as a result of burning embers remaining in the barrel from the previous cannon fire, and other unforeseen and unanticipated conditions may contribute to accidents, serious injury and or death.

By Purchasing, you are agreeing that Peaceful Valley Arms is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur.