Black Powder Cannons

Peaceful Valley Arms is a family-owned and operated business in Marion Center, PA.

We manufacture and sell Black Powder Cannons. Our cannons are crafted from Ash. Our barrels are made from solid steel.

Our Business is Booming!!

Powder Wedges

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  • Peaceful Valley Arms has added a new item to our inventory. Black Powder Splitting Wedge! Load it just like your signal cannon, Insert Fuse, pour in small amount of powder charge, pack it with bread wadding, Pound wedge into wood and place another log against it. Light fuse and get away. You logs will split cleanly. WHAT A PILE OF FUN!!!!
    We offer all sorts of Cerakote colors and Powder Coat colors too.
    125.00 with free shipping.
    PA residents will be charged 6% Sales Tax at checkout.